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Cryotherapy is at Plex

Cryotherapy is finally offered at Plex.

Learn about all the benefits Cryotherapy has to offer from one the country’s leading expert Dr. Oz and others who share their experience on how they benefit from this 3 minute treatment.

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Everyone is jumping into the Plex Cryo Craze!

With so many benefits, from decrease in inflammation and pain, weight loss, improved mood, to energy gains, Plex Cryotherapy has become a must for so many people.

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NFL Season is here!

NFL Season is finally here.  To get here, over 1800 players had to train hard.  Over hundred of these players turned to Plex to get them ready.

Meet some of the NFL Stars that turn to Plex every off-season


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Plex is the industry leader in human performance offering the highest level of integrated and innovative sports medicine & training for anyone regardless of age, sport or skill level.  With a proven track record of over fourteen years, Plex programs have helped to power thousands of individuals, from Super Bowl Champions to Olympic Gold Medalists, to young athletes just learning to play their first sport, to thousands of executives who still have a youthful passion and desire for overall health and well being. 

Equipped with a nationally recognized staff of performance specialists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, doctors, chiropractors, coaches, Gyrotonic instructors, and former collegiate and professional athletes, Plex brings together a wide array of services to enhance and improve your total physical well being. Whether you are an athlete trying to get to the next level, a patient recovering from orthopedic surgery, an injured weekend warrior, or an executive athlete looking to address the effects of mental stress and physical challenges of the business world today, Plex has a customized solution to help you rise to the next level.